Moorings At Billing Marina

The large picturesque marina is one of Billing Aquadrome's finest features. Situated on the River Nene, it has 180 berths – all of which are secured on floating pontoons, ensuring the safety of your narrowboat.

So pull up to the dock and enjoy everything the complex has to offer. Once on dry land, you can have a delicious restaurant meal, a relaxing drink in a bar, or a good wander round the park.

When you stay at Billing Marina, you'll have access to water and electricity, as well as all the other facilities you need to enjoy a memorable and comfortable stay – whether that's for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months.

Long-Term Passes

Mooring fees for boats up to 40 ft. in length are:

  • £1,220 for a 1-year pass
  • £2,220 for a 2-year pass (saves you £220)
  • £3,330 for a 3-year pass (saves you £350)

Fees for boats longer than 40 ft. are:

  • £2,330 for a 1-year pass
  • £4,290 for a 2-year pass (saves you £370)
  • £6,090 for a 3-year pass (saves you £900)

Please note: VAT is included in all of the above fees, but electricity isn't. To access the electricity supply you'll need to purchase electric cards, as we use a smart meter system.

Short-Term Passes and Visitor Passes

Monthly passes are £200, but please note there is a maximum stay of five months if you wish to pay your fees this way.

Visitor passes are £8 per day, with an initial surcharge of £2 for electricity. We ask that all visiting boats vacate their mooring by 10 a.m. on the day they leave (which is not too early, we hope you agree).

We have some more in-depth information about our mooring fees and charges, and also some terms of occupancy to ensure that everyone has a peaceful stay.

Enjoy Billing Aquadrome

While mooring at Billing Marina, you'll have full access to all of Billing Aquadrome's wonderful facilities. We welcome all well-behaved pets, so feel free to bring your dog(s) and take them on walks around the park. There's plenty to do here, and whatever you do, you can do it your way.

Call 01604 408181 to talk to our team about bringing your narrowboat to Billing Marina or visit