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Billing Aquadrome Events and Rallies

235 acres is a lot of space, but we make sure it's never wasted. We host events all year round here at Billing Aquadrome, catering for many different tastes and interests.

Some of the most popular include:

  • Car shows and rallies
  • Boat races
  • Family fun days
  • Fishing events

An Exciting Schedule, Always

There's always something exciting and interesting happening here, and you can enjoy them whether you're staying with us or not. If you're not staying with us, there's usually a small entrance fee; if you are staying with us, you can get into many of the events for free.

Annual Northampton Balloon Festival

The Northampton Balloon Festival, which takes place every August, is one of our annual highlights. Spectators come from far and wide to see these colourful hot air balloons ascend into the sky at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. on each of the event's three days. And understandably so, because it's an amazing sight and the atmosphere's always special.

Car Shows and Rallies

We host countless car exhibitions every year, catering for broad and niche tastes alike. The American muscle car and hot rod expos are especially popular, and there's also a good turnout at the more specific events – such as the Land Rover Show and the Toyota Enthusiasts Club rally.

Events at The Venue for Guests

If you're staying with us for a short break or a holiday, you can catch an event at our entertainment hub, The Venue. We have live acts perform every Saturday evening throughout the summer months – from bands and singers to comedians and family entertainers.

Book Your Tickets and Your Stay Today

Tickets for our events have a tendency to go like hot cakes, so we advise booking well in advance. That goes for your accommodation too, because many of the multiple-day events are best enjoyed if you stay over with us. So make sure you book your lodge, caravan or camping pod early to avoid disappointment.

Give Us a Call for More Info

If you'd like some more details about any of our events, don't hesitate to give us a call – our general enquiry number is 01604 408181. Alternatively, just fill in our simple enquiry form and we'll quickly get back to you.

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