Billing Aquadrome Site Rules 2018-2019

These site rules are necessary to maintain standards and conditions to ensure that all occupiers enjoy the full benefits of the park.

Payment in full/part or entry into the park shall be deemed to be acceptance of the site rules and as such form part of the Site Licence agreement for the occupancy of the pitch on the park.

All persons using the park must comply with the site rules.

Please read these site rules carefully and keep them in your holiday home for future reference.

The expression “you” refers to the Holiday Home owner/occupier and the expression “the Company” refers to Billing Aquadrome Limited whose registered office is South Lakeland House, A6 Yealand Redmayne, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9RN.

These new site rules supersede all previous versions and remain valid until updated again.

Please ensure that all visitors are aware of the site rules.

1. Site Licence and Park
1.1. All occupiers at the park must comply with the conditions attached to the ‘Site Licence’ issued by Northampton Borough Council, which are displayed in the Visitor Centre.
1.2. The park comprises Billing Aquadrome, Northampton and all facilities presently on site and maintained by the Company.
1.3. The park is licenced as a holiday park and NOT a residential park. No holiday home shall be occupied as a person’s sole or main place of residence.
1.4. As a condition of the site licence on an annual basis you will be asked to provide evidence of your permanent address. Any change of your permanent home address must be notified to the Visitor Centre immediately.
1.5. Pitch numbers must remain visible.
1.6. The park cannot be used as a base for travelling to/from work on a regular basis.

2. The Season
2.1. The park is open for occupation between 1 February 10:00 am and 6 January 12:00 pm.
2.2. During the closed season from 6 January 12:00 pm to 1 February 10:00 am, no holiday home may be occupied overnight. If visiting your holiday home during this period, for security reasons, please report to the Visitor centre on arrival and departure. Visits are restricted to Saturdays and Sundays ONLY and between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.
2.3. Occupiers are advised to remove all valuables from the holiday home during the closed period and to place movable items, e.g. outdoor furniture, steps etc.-inside the holiday home.

3. Site Fee Payments
3.1. Site fees are due for payment in full no later than 31 January each year and are non-transferable if the holiday home owner cancels the agreement.
3.2. No holiday home may be occupied unless the site fee is paid in full.
3.3. If payment is not made then interest will be charged from 31 January until the full amount is settled. The rate charged will be 4% above HSBC Bank plc base rate.
3.4. Failure to settle an account may result in disconnection of supplies; a charge will be made for reconnection.
3.5. Failure to pay site fees by 31 January revokes the right to occupy your pitch and as such your holiday home may be moved to our storage area. You will be liable for the disconnection and re-siting costs.

4. Caravan and Lodge Private Sales
4.1. Please refer to your Licence Agreement. Holiday home owners wishing to sell their holiday home must follow the park procedure, including the completion of a Private Sales Agreement.
4.2. The Company reserves the right to purchase any holiday home at the offered price in the first instance.

5. Occupancy
5.1. When the holiday home is to be occupied by persons other than, or in addition to the owner, prior notice must be given to the Company at the Visitor Centre.
5.2. All persons staying overnight on the park must report and sign in at the Visitor Centre upon arrival (or as soon as possible if arriving outside the Visitor Centre opening hours).
5.3. The park management, at its discretion, may refuse admission to persons with good reason.
5.4. A holiday home shall only be used to accommodate the number of persons for which it was designed.
5.5. Any authorised work to be carried out on Park must be carried out by a Billing Aquadrome approved tradesman. A list of the approved tradesmen, and the process for obtaining quotes, is available in Owner Services. Payment must be received in advance of any work being started.
5.6. All work must be carried out during normal business hours and noise levels must be kept to a minimum.
5.7. It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors and occupiers of your holiday home adhere to the park rules.
5.8. Please respect the privacy of other holiday home owners and their guests and keep noise to a minimum particularly between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am.
5.9. The Company reserves the right to terminate all utilities to the holiday home in the closed season, i.e. electricity and water, and may do so without prior notice. During the closed season the Company is unable to guarantee continuous provision of water/electricity supply to holiday homes and you are advised to take precautions with electrical dependent equipment (such as freezers) in case of power interruption. Guidance for water supply is outlined in section 12.
5.10. If you are renting your holiday home out privately then you will need to complete a Private Rental Agreement form which can be found in the Visitors’ Centre.

6. Insurance
6.1. You are required to insure the holiday home to its full value against all usual risks including fire, storm damage and against third party liability. This can be arranged through the Sales Office or with a regulated insurer. As a condition of the site licence, on an annual basis, you will be asked to provide evidence of your insurance details. Proof of insurance must be produced to the Company upon request.

7. Sub-letting
7.1. Owners who wish to sub-let their holiday home privately and not through the Company must ensure the following:
7.1.1. . The sub-letting should comply with clause 5.4.
7.1.2. These Site Rules must be displayed in the holiday home. The owner is responsible for the conduct of their occupiers/sub-letters.
7.1.3. Precise details of the location of the holiday home must be given to the holiday maker. The Visitor Centre will have no details of the booking and will be unable to answer your holiday makers’ queries. Emergency contact details must be displayed in the holiday home.
7.2. You are responsible for the management of your holiday home including inventory, cleaning, laundry and general maintenance. The holiday home must be tested by an NICEIC Electrician and a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Copies of the inspection certificates must be provided to the Company on request.

8. Day Visitors
8.1. If you have arranged for visitors to enter the park you must inform the Visitor Centre with the name of the visitor and your name and pitch number.
8.2. In the interests of security, failure to provide this information in advance will result in entry being refused.
8.3. Unless pre-arranged, visitors should park in the main car park and walk to your holiday home. Alternatively you may wish to meet your visitors at the Visitor Centre.

9. Motor Vehicles
9.1. The Company permits cars onto the park only for accessing the holiday home and park facilities. Access to the park is controlled and managed by a permit pass which must be displayed on your vehicle at all times. Charges may be applied for additional passes. Contact the Visitor Centre for guidance.
9.2. Only private vehicles may be brought onto the park. No commercial vehicles, vans, wagons, touring caravans, motor homes, boats or trailers are to be brought onto or kept on the park without prior written permission of the Company. This permission will not be unreasonably withheld. Where permitted touring caravans must be parked in designated areas and in full compliance of all fire regulations.
9.3. The current speed limit on the park is 10 mph and MUST NOT be exceeded. Observe all road signs and the traffic management system in force. All legal requirements of the public highway apply on the park e.g. vehicle fitness for purpose and safety, qualified drivers only, no drink/drug driving, vehicle lighting, crash helmets etc. Pedestrians must be given priority.
9.4. Vehicles must be parked only in parking spaces; driving or parking on the grass or causing an obstruction is NOT permitted.
9.5. In the interests of safety and to comply with the Road Traffic Act 1988 the use of Mini Motes, Electric Powered or Petrol Driven Scooters are not permitted on the park. Bicycles may be used on park as long as they are used with due care. Anyone using their bike during the hours of darkness must have the correct level of lighting and must be easily visible.
9.6. All vehicles kept or accessing the park must be taxed, insured and have a valid MOT certificate. We will remove any abandoned or broken down vehicles and will recharge you for the cost of removal.
9.7. You are not permitted to give anyone else driving lessons on the park and we do not permit learner drivers to drive on the park.
9.8. The repair and maintenance of vehicles on park is NOT permitted.

10. Building and Ground Works
10.1. No external structure may be added or altered on the holiday home or surrounding area e.g. a veranda or balcony without the prior written agreement of the Company.
10.2. You must not install slabs or paving without first obtaining written permission from the Company.
10.3. Pitches must be kept clean, tidy and free from litter at all times; this is your responsibility.
10.4. Satellite dishes are only permitted with our prior written consent.
10.5. Fences are NOT permitted around pitches.
10.6. The Company is responsible for general grass cutting but individual site occupiers are responsible for ensuring that pathways on their pitch are kept in proper repair and neat and tidy at all times; including the removal of weeds. If the Company is impeded from carrying out normal site maintenance and the holiday home owner fails to maintain their pitch to a satisfactory standard the Company shall be entitled to recover the cost of remedial work.
10.7. Tree works will be carried out by the Company.
10.8. No plants, bushes or trees may be planted or removed by the holiday home owner. No pruning of trees may be carried out except with the prior written permission of the Company. The Company reserves the right to trim or remove any plant material.
10.9. No flammable materials, except for gas cylinders acquired through the Visitor Centre, can be stored in/or around the holiday home.

11. Fire Safety
11.1. All owners need to be aware of the procedure for dealing with fire and other emergencies on the park. The greatest care must be taken to prevent outbreaks of fire. Fire fighting equipment is provided at strategic locations around the park. You should familiarise yourself, and any other occupiers of your holiday home, with the location of the Fire Points and the contents of the Fire Notices.
11.2. Every holiday home must have adequate fire fighting equipment including, as a minimum, a 1kg Dry Powder fire extinguisher, and smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide alarm. All equipment must be maintained and in full working order.
11.3. As owners your extinguishers should not be used for any improper purpose.
11.4. No fuels or combustible materials, other than LPG containers acquired through the Company, may be stored on the park.
11.5. The use of portable paraffin heaters and open fires is strictly prohibited.
11.6. Barbeques may be used but NOT within the holiday home or within close proximity of the decking.
11.7. Disposable barbeques may not be used directly on grassed areas.
11.8. Tents are not allowed to be erected between holiday homes at any time.

12. End of Season Water Drainage, Annual Gas Test and Periodic Electrical Installation Test
12.1. In order to safeguard your holiday home against frost damage we recommend that the water system be drained prior to the closed season and that the central heating system be set on low. The Visitor Centre can arrange this service and will be able to provide details, including charges, upon request.
12.2. Please be advised that failure to drain down your holiday home during periods of prolonged absence may invalidate your insurance.
12.3. A charge will be made for costly water consumption due to frost damage.
12.4. The Company accepts no responsibility for water damage caused by burst pipes.
12.5. It is a requirement that you hold a valid annual gas test certificate that you will be required to provide evidence of annually before collecting your passes. Owner Services can arrange this service and provide details, including charges, upon request.
12.6. The Company is responsible for the periodic testing of the electrical installation of the park up to the holiday home meter.
12.7. You are advised to have the electrical installation checked by a NICEIC registered electrician once in every three years for holiday homes less than ten years old and for all others annually. The Visitor Centre can arrange for this and will provide further details including charges upon request. Any additional electrical work carried out in and about the holiday home must have a certificate from a registered NICEIC/NAPIT/ECA electrician. This should be made available to the Visitor Centre upon request.

13. Holiday Home Rules
13.1. All loose materials and equipment must be secured/stored to prevent damage to the park in harsh weather conditions. Toys, barbeques, trampolines, gazebos etc. must be stored out of sight when the holiday home is not occupied.
13.2. Walls, fences and any obstruction limiting access to the base are NOT permitted, however, skirts provided by the Company or those obtaining prior written approval are permitted.
13.3. The colour of the exterior of the holiday home may not be changed.
13.4. All domestic refuse must be placed in appropriate bins (including recycling containers) located around the park.
13.5. Washing lines and/or rotary dryers are not permitted anywhere on your pitch. A laundrette is available on the park for your use.
13.6. Musical instruments and stereos must not cause disturbance to occupiers of adjacent holiday homes and must be used with utmost consideration at all times; see point 5.8.
13.7. Minors must not be left unattended in holiday homes at any time.
13.8. Minors must not be allowed to make a nuisance of themselves on other people’s pitches, e.g. playing ball games, riding bikes etc.
13.9. Minors must play on their own pitch or the dedicated recreation area. The playing of football and other hard ball sports such as cricket or golf are prohibited.
13.10. The conduct of minors is deemed to be the responsibility of parents/guardians at all times.
13.11. NO nappies, tea bags or other deleterious materials can be put down the toilets or drains. Any occupier causing a blockage to the drainage system may be charged for the cost of making good. Bleach or other harmful chemicals must not be used in the toilets or drainage system. Such use may cause serious damage to the private sewerage treatment plant. The use of deleterious chemicals is traceable and accordingly the Company gives notice of its intention to recover costs.
13.12. It is your responsibility to keep your holiday home in a good state of repair, both visually and structurally (including any general/emergency repairs and the undertaking and commissioning of all relevant periodic tests). The Company has the right to undertake any emergency external repairs and recover the costs where applicable.
13.13. Bird feeders are restricted to one small feeder per plot at the discretion of the park manager as they attract rodents.
13.14. Hosepipes are not permitted on the park.
13.15. All holiday home owners must have a spare/reserve gas cylinder at all times. The Visitor Centre will advise of the arrangements for replenishing supplies of bottled gas.
13.16. Requests for chargeable services such as repairs and gas supplies must be made to the Visitor Centre and NOT to individual employees. Please note that only emergencies will be dealt with outside of normal working hours.

14. The Complex (Leisure Centre)
14.1. You must follow the procedures and rules of the leisure centre when using its facilities. All holiday home owners are required to obtain a Complex pass and must provide a current photograph at the time of requesting.

15. Pets
15.1. Pets, other than reptiles, are generally welcomed on the park. However, dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 are not permitted.
15.2. No more than two animals are permitted and all animals, when outside of the holiday home, must be kept on leads.
15.3. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets.
15.4. Pets must not be left unattended inside their holiday homes.
15.5. All animals need to be collared and tagged with the owners’ details.

16. Office Hours/Mail
16.1. The Visitor Centre opening times are displayed at the entrance. Members of staff are available at the times stated.
16.2. The park address should not be your main mailing address and should not be used for the delivery of post.
16.3. Telephone messages will not be taken by the Visitor Centre except in the case of emergency.

17. Other Matters
17.1. No firearms, explosives (including fireworks), offensive weapons or other items likely to cause offense may be carried, kept or used on the park.
17.2. No drugs or other substances harmful to health or social wellbeing may be brought onto, or used, on the park.
17.3. The Company reserves the right to refuse admission to the park or to any facilities on the park.
17.4. The Company shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure the availability of all amenities advertised in its brochure or otherwise, but shall not be liable in respect of non-availability.
17.5. No commercial enterprise or business activity may take place on the park without the written permission of the Company.
17.6. No holiday home may display any advertising material other than the manufacturer’s name and no notices may be displayed on the park without the prior written permission of the Company. This includes flags.
17.7. Holiday Home Owners are permitted to fish the lakes within the park boundaries. The quiet enjoyment of the park must be respected at all times. Fishing in the River Nene is not permitted unless the necessary licence has been obtained. Fishing at night is not permitted.
17.8. Boating or sailing is not permitted on any of the lakes and waterways within the park boundaries.
17.9. All persons, including holiday home owners, their guests and tradesmen must act in a courteous and considerate manner towards our staff and contractors. Rudeness, verbal abuse or insults will be considered a serious unacceptable breach of these rules.
17.10. All persons, including holiday home owners, their guests and tradesmen must not act in any way which compromises the ability of the Company to carry out its duty/business.
17.11. All persons, including holiday home owners, their guests and tradesmen must not make misleading statements, or take other action, which may lead others to consider that they are dealing with a representative of the Company or are authorised on behalf of the Company.
17.12. All persons, including holiday home owners, their guests and tradesmen will not use social media of any kind, in a way that is harmful or prejudicial to the Company, its business or employees.
17.13. No person is permitted to conduct themselves in a manner that is detrimental to the day to day business of the Company.

18. Loss or Damage
18.1. Unless negligent, or in breach of its duty, the Company is not liable for any loss or damage to any person, holiday home, motor vehicle, equipment or other property.

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