Billing Aquadrome February Newsletter

2 February 2018

Welcome back to Billing!

Welcome back to all our owners at Billing Aquadrome. The extent of our works has been vast over the last three weeks to include many things for the summer along with updating issues faced in the last quarter of 2017. As a result, below are couple of things that you may see have changed with reasons why, along with new upgrades that cannot be seen relating to the infrastructure.

Better Bins at Billing.

Throughout last year Billing Aquadrome has seen a significant increase in fly tipping and commercial waste along the park along with the locations of the bins allowing for the collections to tire our roads out around the park which I am sure many see year after year. Therefore for the benefit of the park and after much review we have relocated the bin bays in more communal areas and of larger size which will also be updated in due course with correct compound areas where applicable. As a result we would kindly ask that you use you nearest bin bay located on the map provided and stick to the recycling guide to help the park in building to have a cleaner environment for all. With that in mind please may we point out that only holiday home and general household waste/mixed recycling is to be put in the park bins and under no circumstances is any commercial waste to be put in any bins around park, in addition the waste compound on Market Street is for staff and park use only. On your way out of the park you can simply take to it to the recycling center located at Ecton (NN3 5HQ) with our appreciation for your co-operation. We are now working together with Biffa to make Billing a better place and although its not everyone we want to work with you all, therefore we ask you to join us by may introducing a ‘owners watch’ scheme where simply if any owners see any activity that is affecting the park regarding the above or any other matter, to please call security on 07894 194534 as soon as the activity is taking place so we can respond and attend to take further action. In summary we look forward to working in partnership to have BETTER BINS AT BILLING.

The Park.

Around the park you will see many changes and we are still continuing to with some works, many have already noticed the changes in reception, however below is couple of things we have been doing throughout shutdown whilst you have been away:

Our roads have had significant work done over the last 3 weeks facing difficult situations due to the adverse weather, therefore with the main bulk of the work complete this work is still ongoing.
As a result, we would kindly ask that you stick to the speed limits of 10 MPH on park that are there for everyone’s safety and also aids our preservation of our roads so we can improve other areas with still parts to complete in better weather conditions moving in to the new year.

Our park electrics before Christmas have caused a certain level of discomfort across holiday home owners. However, we have been working around the clock to ensure we have improved the area of concern which has fixed the problems in the areas affected. Not only that but we are also working on a further review plan across the park.

Our water systems have been upgraded under the ground in certain locations to allow better pressure around our park and being pro-active working together with our suppliers and
contractors to ensure a pro-active approach which we will continue to maintain.

Billing Waterways & Lakes
MICK MURPHEY who is part of the fisheries on park and a long term holiday home owner has been working hard over the last two months to completely maintain our lakes at Billing Aquadrome. This includes also all our pipe ways that allow the flow of water to now be cleared free from weeds. Therefore we hope you see our lakes are more frequent with wildlife and Mick with his team will continue to look after our streams. To read more on this please click here.

Park Rules
Throughout the years and as you return each site year, you will see amendments to our rules, which are always a review of the previous issues faced relating to Health & Safety combined with security. As a result I hope you again join us in ensuring these rules are adhered to at all times for the benefit of not only our owners but our park visitors and holiday makers. PLEASE READ THEM and ask a member of staff any questions if needed.

10mph speed limit on park at all times. All approved contractors and external works must be sought through OWNER SERVICES where we have approved contractors vetted and compliant to carry out the works on park. Contractors will not be granted access as visitors or to carry out works on park without being an approved contractor by reporting to owner services to sign in. Failure to do so may result in being turned away!


Our entertainment packages consist of action packed weekends and various activities through a new entertainment team partnership with THE STAGE AND PRODUCTION HOUSE UK LTD. Providing great quality entertainment packages all over the world we are really excited to announce that they part of our park entertainment. We hope you all join us in enjoying what they have to offer within our Venue and across our park in partnership with our teams. Furthermore, The Willow Bar is now open and will now be a bar and restaurant lounge with classic menu selection to choose from. In addition, we have a full Sky Sports package installed so we will be showing all the live sports such as football games and more. The Willow bar is a great place for families and child friendly with pool tables and more. To achieve this, the team there have worked continuously to refurbish the entire inside to include all new infrastructure behind the scenes, to a new kitchen and more. We look forward to seeing you and your families within The Willow Bar this year. Please come and say ‘hi’. The Kingfisher club is unfortunately closed at the moment until further notice with the need to review further. We will update in due course.


Once again, welcome back from all the team at Billing Aquadrome.