Lakes at Billing Aquadrome

Coarse Fishing & Carp Specimen Lakes at Billing Aquadrome

Billing Aquadrome is one of UK's finest fishing holiday destination for angling families. As well as boasting some of the biggest and best quality natural specimen Carp & Perch in the UK we also offer outstanding on park facilities to suit both the pleasure anglers and big fish anglers alike.

In total we have over 10 quality stocked lakes on park. 4 of these lakes offer exceptional access to fish plus you can choose to fish on the banks of the River Nene. All of which are available to:

  • Day ticket holder
  • Annual permit members
  • Camping & touring guests
  • Caravan & lodge holiday guests

Our other 6 lakes remain as private VIP fisheries that are maintained for the sole enjoyment of our holiday homeowners. Here's a run-down of our lakes that are available for public membership and holiday guests.

Willow Lake

Willow Lake is our main specimen lake with carp 40lb+ and Pike 20lb. Depths average from 2 feet to 6 feet. With a number of pegs that allow vehicle parking close to the waters edge. Willow Lake is currently the only lake which is open for night fishing. Maximum number number of 20 pegs...

Willow Lake - 20 Pegs - 6 Acres

Stocking - Mirror 40lb+, Common 30lb+, Ghost 20lb+ as well as Tench and Bream

Methods - Locating Carp, loose feeding the area with boilies of preference; hook bate popup rigs, choddy rig or zig-rig topped with hi-viz bates are always fruitful!

Best Baits - Boilies and large pellets

Kingfisher Lake

Kingfisher is our premier natural lake with an outstanding quality of fish. With water depths from 3ft to 6ft you'll find plentiful quality Bream, Tench and Carp of weights well over 25lb. Lots of silver fish make the lake ideal for juniors and beginners. With 49 pegs and parking available right by the water side. Wheelchair friendly access also available…

Kingfisher Lake - 49 Pegs - 3 Acres

Stocking - Bream, Tench, Carps (over 25lb), Roach, Rudd, Perch and a few Crutian Carp

Methods - Method feeder, pole, waggler for the smaller fish & free-lining, ledgering work a treat with the Carp

Best Baits - Bream & Trench - 8mm pellet, mini boilie. For Carp, try – 6-15mm boilie on chod rig or a zig-rig

Lilly Lake

Lilly Lake is one of the oldest lakes on the complex, depth range from 2 feet in the margins to 6 foot in areas with a number of gravel bars which always make for good fishing. There are definitely big Carp (Ghost, Common and Mirror).

Lilly Lake - 12 Pegs - 1.6 Acres

Stocking - Mirror, Common, Ghost & Carp.

Methods - Who knows – you tell us?

Best Baits - Unknown – let us know what works for you?

Marina Lake

The Marina Lake is part of the River Nene with depths from 2ft to 12ft. The lake is full of Bream, a large head of Carp and Koi Carp together with the odd Tench. You'll find lots of Roach to maggot.

Marina Lake - 20 Pegs - 8.5 Acres

Stocking - Bream, Roach, Perch, Carp (Common, Mirrors and Koi), Pike

Methods - Heavy feeding works best, at distance for Bream. Open end method feeder and open end waggler for Perch and Roach. All Carp methods seem to work well depending on conditions

Best Baits - You'll catch them on a maggot up to a 24mm Boilie

The River Nene

(closed season 15th March to the 16th June)

A private and well maintained river bank running a good ½ mile which benefits from the feature of 2 weirs.

The River Nene

Stocking - Specimen sized Perch, Chub, Roach, double figure Bream, Common Carp, Pike

Methods - Heavy feed tends to put the fish off so a gentle approach is needed to outwit the fish

Best Baits - All baits work